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Where is the love?

Like many, many schools we have examined the results our students achieved in the NAPLAN testing. Now I’m not even going to go near, yet alone stepping onto my Standardised Testing Soap Box……… but at one point when we were analysing our Reading results we had an epiphany…..

“Where is the Love?”

Have we gotten so bogged down in Reading “Programmes” which give students a limited list of appropriate texts? – which have been selected by a modern-day Dexter I assume. (from Perfect Match – not the serial killer of recent tv fame).

When did it become a ‘challenge’ for a child to read 12 books between February and September?

Why aren’t there more Libraries which celebrate books – new and old – every week, nay every day? Book Week should not be the only week a Library – I dislike the term Resource Centre – is visible and the hub of all activity.

I remember when new books were presented to us on a weekly or fortnightly basis. The illustrations were shown, the story line discussed, sometimes even read to the class. They then went onto a display shelf for 1 week and we were able to have our name placed on the RESERVED list. Oh how we waited for it to be our turn to have those pages in our hand! We quickly devoured the pages to share with our friends who had already borrowed the book, and to pass it on to our friends who were awaiting their turn.

We read it carefully because we were interested in discussing the book. We met the characters and felt like their neighbours.

We read for comprehension because we WANTED to, not because we were told to and then answer a multi-choice question.

We read books that we wanted to, which interested us. Not because they were in a certain ‘range’ and part of a publishers list. Not because there was some online true/false style quiz which could earn us points.

We read because we loved to.

Where is that love now?



What is my sentence?

I love it when days after a Professional Development session I find that I am still mulling thoughts and ideas around in my head. It may be part of an elaborate procrastination to slow me down from writing “the cherubs'” reports, but I prefer to look at it through rosier glasses.

So what have I been pondering here in The Pond?

“What is my sentence?”

It’s a big thing. Like a tweet in length but as crucial to your existence as what is written on your tombstone.

I haven’t quite got it to a single sentence, but I feel like I am well on my way…..

What do you think?

What is your sentence?