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A portfolio of classroom learning, both students' and my own personal.

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George Couros @Flinders

Today I had the opportunity to spend an amazing day listening to the wisdom of George Couros.
Now, if you haven’t ever heard of him…. firstly, come out from under your rock. You can find him at The Principal of Change. This is a blog which will light up your life as each post is sent to your inbox.
Anyway… part of today was the setting of a “challenge”… to set up a ePortfolio. This is starting with a focus on the National Professional Standards for Teachers.
In the next few days I hope to find a way to either link with or include TfEL in this Portfolio.

Because I want this to “work” for me there are also pages to help me store my thoughts and plans, as well as trying to balance my Teaching focus – the stuff that life throws you before, during or after times.

The Journey begins….