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So, what’s been taking all this time?

Yes, I am aware that this poor blog site has been incredibly neglected…. It has almost been a whole term, Term 1. And there’s the answer.

Term 1 is that crazy, busy term. In every classroom, not just in my small cabbage patch-(yes, a whole room of very green cherubs).

And why?

Because it is the term for building relationships. From the simple… knowing their favourite colour to offer it to them before they ask, chatting to the younger brother or sister who comes into the room in the morning, checking out those wobbly teeth (and predicting how many days it will be before it comes out)

Establishing trust with a new group of parents. For they entrust their precious people into our room.

I spend most of Term 1 showing MY three jobs:

Yes, I need to tell the cherubs that these are my jobs, but I hope to SHOW them that these are my jobs through my words and actions.

Here are my “jobs”

1. My first job is to keep ‘you’ safe,

2. My secondj’job is to LOVE ‘you’,

3. My third ‘job’ is to help ‘you’ learn.

And that is it!

It’s simple really.

But it is more than words….. and that takes TIME.

So, that is where I have been.

What about you?

Is Term 1 emotionally draining for you too? (please say yes, please say yes).


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Whose room is it?

I’m about to share a photo of an area in our classroom. Years ago it wouldn’t have even looked like this for more than one day, if it actually did at all.
I certainly wouldn’t be sharing a photo of it then….. but now, older, wiser and far more mellow (Clare, thanks to you my gorgeous one) I can share and want to share. I LOVE this area the most:


Here is a close up:


This was is our Word Wall. A tad bit unconventional.
Let me share the story….
This word wall was set up, firstly as a linear display of the sounds that were learnt each day during Term 1. When Term 2 started the cherubs entered to these sounds in alphabetical order, neatly placed under the pretty letter cards. The ‘reward frogs’ were under the letter which corresponded to the child’s name and some of our sight words were included into this alphabetised display.
As the term progressed and more words were discovered I handed them out and the cherubs placed them in “the correct” spots.
Then, one rainy, long day in Term 3 one of the cherubs started tidying it up. I watched….. almost said something, but decided not to. Instead I watched for a bit longer.
Cherub 1 was soon joined by Cherub 2, 3 and 4. When the day was finished and they had all left for the warmth of their homes this is how the wall looked.
Do you know I nearly started reorganising it. Thank goodness I didn’t.

This is their room. This is how they wanted it. It made sense to them. Of. course it did since the words are introduced in colour blocks: gold words, red words, etc. And in interviews in Term 1 I love to celebrate that they are able to point to a word and say “that’s a green word” even if they can’t recall the actual word.
They love this wall. They use this wall. It now makes sense to them. Alphabetised suits me and may even impress a few parents but it is NOT where and how my cherubs work and operate.
So, THIS is how our wall is and will stay.
At least until the next long and rainy day 😉