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eLearning: Twitter

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I remember when I was on my 3rd year prac. I collected every extra worksheet I could. I brought them home and filed them in my apricot laminate filing cabinet. There were 4 drawers and numerous hanging files. They had many specific tags and titles and within 2 years they were jam packed of “stencils” – yes, several purple tinted (the gestetner was still hiding in a workroom of most schools).

These pages were later transferred into lever arch folders – by sub-school section, and as these too grew, by topic.

Today the discussion with my student teacher revolved around the words ‘Twitter‘, ‘FaceBook‘ and Pinterest.

Up until last week I would have come home and jotted down a list of my favourites on a piece of paper and handed it to her. Now, having embraced the ‘Challenge from George‘ I have come home and decided to write a post with some of my favourites.

So, here it goes…..


Angela Maiers

Early Childhood

Early Childhood Tech

Bethe Almeras

Cate Heroman

Edna Sackson

Todd Whitaker

Steve Box

Education Week

Bruce Ferrington

The Teacher Page

and, of course, George Couros


I love that this is ready to pass on and use – I hope that you have noticed the links *fingers crossed that they work and lead you to the right place*

Having said that, it has taken over an hour to compile just this short list so the FaceBook and Pinterest links will have to wait for another day.










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